FIT - MAX 7.4.3 for Windows 10


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FIT - MAX is a clear and simple-to-use program to drive revenue and expense ledger. This application is ideal for accounting and income tax revenue records. The product is designed for small, medium-sized companies, major networks and even for corporations. The Max lets you keep a record of sales, purchases (for example, fixed assets), and the records shall be equipped and operating costs. Create and fill in tax returns and print (eg VAT-7, VAT-5, PIT40, or T-28), calculate taxes to pay for the settlement period, export ZUSowskiego formed the basis for the software "payer". In addition, users with this software can print a statement and created records of income and expenditures, conduct records of contractors, agencies, counties, provinces, and even different economic events. It could not miss the additional modules that extend the functionality of the software. Using modules can send e-declarations electronically and manage fixed assets. Note: The program is available in the demo version and allows for 14-days free use.